Curtis’ prostate cancer dropped from 375 PSA and 3 masses to 3.7 PSA and no masses in 3 months of using the bed, accompanied by other modalities. He’s now off all conventional medicines.

After 2 hours Tom’s pain was gone and he woke up energized. “It’s something that people might be skeptical of. It doesn’t matter until you experience something, until you really taste it and see it and know it. I thank you very much for that honour to experience it for myself.”

 “I initially was a little bit skeptical and immediately was transformed into an energy realm that I have never experienced before. I started experiencing healing. I’m not sure how to describe it. Awesome.”
Kerry noticed a subtle difference with her nerve damage after only one session and felt all of her toes on the floor, which is new for her. She feels “more in my body, more alive, more awake and more integrated. It’s definitely is something that I would do again.”

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A car accident left Rachel with 2 herniated and 8 bulging disks. After one session on the bed at the Anaheim convention, she danced for the first time since her accident, felt reduced pain and inflammation and 3 weeks later she was still feeling the benefits.
Melissa had a deep emotional experience that allowed her to release trauma and sadness and come to a place of immense gratitude in one session.

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