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When I first started I set up the Quantum Energy Wellness Bed in my house. Sarah (in the photo) flew in just to use it. It was booked 3 months in advanced. I knew I needed a new space soon.

I recorded a video (it’s free) to show you how this technology works, why people are flying in from all over the world just to use it… 
And how we used it to create a profitable wellness centre that’s booked 3 months out.
This is for anyone starting with an existing clinic, wellness centre, or holistic practice (or who wants to start one) who wants the latest tech, needs to get more bookings, and make the world a healthier place.
This is me (in the middle) with internationally recognized educator and thought leader Dr. Zach Bush (on the right) in our Wellness Center in Austin, Texas while were getting it setup. Dr Bush heard about the bed and came down to test it!

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“I have had the opportunity to use the QEWB several times at a friends home and remotely. Aside from feeling the vibration/sound and heat on my body, they both gave me the same feeling mentally and emotionally. It brought me to a state of Bliss and stillness. Like a very deep mediation. It is very peaceful and enjoyable.”

– Robin Serna – Connecticut

“I live in Florida and I am interested in speaking with someone about the Quantum bed. I had the opportunity to try the Quantum bed at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim a few weeks ago and I believe that I experienced significant results. I have been healing from some vertebral injuries after a car accident last year and after lying on the bed for one cycle I experienced a lasting increase in mobility and comfort and a noticeable decrease in pain. I would like to explore whether this is repeatable. Are there any beds in the SE region of FL for me to try out?”

– Rachel Shapiro, Florida, United States
Go to step 2 to watch the full video testimonial from Rachel
“I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying the bed (Melinda too) and the incredible results we are getting. It’s hard to put in human words but it’s like being born again; going back to a point of inward innocence. After more than 35 years of extreme discipline of meditation, energy work, vegan diet, thousands of dollars in supplements, I achieved a higher state of consciousness in just one hour on the bed than all those years and disciplines combined. There are no human words to explain the experience. It was like an energetic, multi-dimensional experience. An inward cleaning and I woke up this morning feeling like Superman.”
–  Don Boyer 

This Technology Was Born Because Of Broken Systems...

When I was 16 I knew exactly what my purpose was. I saw the lacking health systems in society and thought there had to be something more…

It drove me to learn about quantum science, which led me to biophotons, mediation, and the power of the human body.

I started experimenting and building my own devices.

But as we get older people tell us “that’s not real” or “that’s impossible”. The world challenges our intuition. More than that… it challenges us in every way.

During that period of my life some big shifts happened in my family and I somehow needed to get money so I could help my mom. So I joined the marine corp.

There I was, feeling on top of the world, a sense of purpose, I was going to help my family and send money back home… but it was all taken from me in an instant.

I was in an accident that tore almost all the muscles in my body from my lower back to my neck.

They told me I would be lucky if I could ever use my fingers again and that I’d never have full range of motion.

I was on oxytocin for the unbearable pain, plus a mix of other medication to help me with my PTSD. As often happens, I got addicted.

The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed being featured at one of the biggest expo’s in the world with thousands coming to experience the magic of the bed!

It destroyed my life… I was not a good person. Between that and my injuries I was hardly able to function, and when I could I was making bad choices. That was rock bottom for me.

And somehow, that 16 year old self found me… Everything I had learned about quantum energy, biophotons and the power of the the human body…

That knowing of what I’m here to do… It wasn’t over for me yet.

I didn’t believe what they said, that I could never use my body again. I was laying there and the only thing I could do was meditate.

I felt that those medications were making so I didn’t have the ability to tap into the quantum field like I once could.

So I started weening off them… I’d ween off, then meditate, then ween off a bit more, then meditate.

8 months later I was able to use my fingers, raise my arms, and I had full range of motion. I was back and it reinvigorated my beliefs about quantum science.

I went to college and got back to inventing and building businesses… the things that I experienced, there had to be a way to bring that to the world. That’s what I’m here to do.

I found others making breakthroughs in this field and I wanted to put my money where my mouth was, so we partnered up and created the first Quantum Energy Wellness Bed prototype.

Here I am, fully mobile, at the front desk of the first-ever Quantum Wellness Spa in Denton, Texas. We were invited to take part in a documentary that’s coming out on Apple TV and Prime Video next year.

I put it in the front room in my house and started letting people use it.

First it was friends… then it was their friends… then people were flying in from all over the country and staying for several days to use it.

I watched a lady, 86 years old, who was blind and in a walker have a full recall of her eyesight.

A man with Alzheimers start to remember his family.

We didn’t have enough time to fit everyone in. It didn’t make sense to continue keeping this in my sunroom.

It was time to go legit and open up a wellness centre. The problem?

All I had was a prototype and no one is going to take a chance on a new technology.

So I slowly invested everything I had, around $100,000 to build up the prototype, retrofitted it, enhanced it, and moved it over to another building.

Now we’re shipping them out to clinics, wellness centres and individuals homes all over the world and there’s not enough of them. Their booking calendars are booked 3 months out (which is a waitlist of clients that you get access to, by the way).

We’re not an overnight sensation, we’re a long lasting community designed to build a better world faster.

If you own a bed you get a full lifetime membership to that.

The warehouse last year getting ready to ship a batch of beds out!

Here's What You'll Get

Get a done-for-you package including the bed, getting listed on our client waitlist to fill your bookings, on-site setup, a nearly-passive user experience, training and a 6-piece welcome kit, all with low payment options that suit your needs.

1. The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed (QEWB)

Get the QEWB with speakers tuned to proprietary frequencies for sound and vibration, heat controls, and the quantum plate – together creating the only tech on the market that achieves resonance with 5 types of energy

Free setup on-site – the delivery team will unload, unbox and setup the bed for you – it comes assembled and ready to use

Finance options are available, as low as $600/month on something that has the potential to generate $8000/month in cash flow. Backed by an official Void Space Technologies map locator so that clients can easily find you for a QEWB experience.

Plus a 2-Year warranty

2. Tablet And Stand For Seamless User Experience

The QEWB comes with a Samsung S9FE Tablet so you can immediately listen to the exclusive Soundlight Journey & your favorite frequencies

It comes with a pair of Bose Sound Canceling Headphones so that you can enjoy a fully immersive experience. Plus exclusive access to the Sound Light Journey Audio Library designed to bring your body back to wholeness.

​The seamless user experience creates a nearly-passive process and income stream for clinics and wellness centres

3. 7 Piece Welcome Kit

10g of Source Code 1

10g of Source Code 2

10g of Cloud

Lab Spatula

30 sachets of Quantum Particles from Zencleanz

​Azure Pen

Void Space Technologies Shirt

7 Piece Welcome Kit

4. Intro Call + Online Training Session

Get a QEWB Welcome Call on the day you receive your bed to to help get you set-up and support you with anything you may need

An online training session, live, 1-on-1, with a real person over video to go over best practices with your new Quantum Energy Wellness Bed

5. User Manual & QEWB Presentation

Get a digital manual for your QEWB, though it's very easy to use

​Fact Sheet to understand and be able to show and tell clients how it works, including published white paper research studies by Dr Glen Rein in easy-to-understand layman terms

A QEWB digital presentation you can share or print out for your clients to enjoy.

6. Exclusive Access To The QEWB SoundLight Journey

The QEWB SoundLight Journey has been custom made for the bed experience & was co-created by Jason Estes & Elijah Ray.

This is a collection of 12 Audio Rays, 2 Transit Tracks, and 10 Master Tracks making up the QEWB Sound Light Journey Audio Library. Each audio Ray/Track harmonizes with the beds frequencies, vibrations, and sound - each are ~1 hour in length

This greatly enhances the bed experience and is exclusively available to our community of bed owners

Lifetime access to the QEWB Sound Light Journey Audio Library and any additional Ray or Track additions is exclusively available to QEWB owners.

7. The Wellness Technology Map Locator

Get your location added to our map locator (if you want) to bring in clients and anyone looking to use a bed

We actively advertise the QEWB and through our map locator we will refer clients to you.

8. Community, Connections & Resources

Private groups with a community of other QEWB owners, likeminded people, group support, and group resource sharing

Exclusive access to our Wellness Technology Newsletters.

​Network and partner with people doing the exact same thing

Exclusive access to new tech

Unlimited Lifetime Access to the community for Wellness Technology owners.

Here's What You'll Get With Your Package:

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What People Say That Have Experienced The Bed...

Rachel’s pain decreased and had lasting increase in mobility and comfort
Ann got more in 25 minutes on the bed than 3 years of work
Don woke up this morning feeling like superman


Quantum Energy Wellness Instructor Jason Estes

Meet Jason Estes

Jason Estes, based in Dallas, Texas – is now known as one of the leading Spiritual Teachers and pioneers of Quantum Field Technology after his first online appearance in 2018.

Emphasizing the importance of Self-Mastery, Total Responsibility, clearing up the misunderstandings around True Wealth, and a pioneer of Quantum Field Technology – one of Jason’s main objectives is to provide free education that is accessible to all.

As the Co-founder of Masters of the Void Organization (MTVO), one key requirement, “Authenticity at all costs”, is implemented during thousands of hours of coursework that drive those who feel called to test and cultivate ethics, integrity, and total responsibility. MTVO’s purpose is to build the greatest living examples through cultivating Self-Mastery – what Jason says is “the single most important tool and the only thing that travels with us through Eternity”.

Jason Estes co-founded Void Space Technologies, a tech company designed to bring stability, expansion, and support in the present by introducing products that are divinely & ethically sourced. Jason believes that the future we are being asked to build is one where we don’t limit our human potential by relying on tools – but by using tools from a place of empowerment. Choosing to learn, expand, and eventually outgrow each tool we use while ultimately coming closer to home within ourselves.

Dr Glen Rein

Meet Dr. Glen Rein

After obtaining a PhD from London University and an Assistant Professorship at Mt.Sinai Medical School, he studied various biomedical disciplines at prestigious institutes like Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools. 

Dr. Rein has extensive corporate experience at a Fortune 100 company working on innovative product development and obtaining numerous patents. He is currently CEO of the Quantum-Biology Research Lab conducting innovative basic and contract research.

Most recently Dr.Rein has co-founded Glee Biologics with Dr. Lee Lorenzen. 

Glee is developing Aquaceuticals with structured water, nano particles and frequencies of biomolecules and pharmaceuticals in accordance with the emerging field of Informational Pharmacology.  Dr. Rein has numerous scientific publications (including Nature), is on numerous Boards, has lectured in eight countries and appeared on numerous radio, TV and documentary films.

James Dean

Meet James Dean

James Dean is a Jazz Saxophonist, Journeyman Electrician, heart-led communicator, and Sales Director for Void Space Technologies. James loves to work with heart-centered people that want to create a positive impact and leave things better than they found them.

Through the conduit of sales and conscious commerce, James believes we have the ideas, resources, and solutions to create win-win outcomes that benefit all.

His many years of study, both technically and in the field – as a musician and tradesman, have led to his passion for mastering communication and teaching others how to better communicate and actively listen, to support all types of interactions in our relationships, be it personal or professional.

Through his personal development and spiritual journey, James has been blessed to experience the life-changing benefits of working in the quantum and the true value of having access to these alternative modalities, resources, and choices.

This now aligns perfectly with James’ mission to assist in getting new and incredible technologies, such as the Quantum Energy Wellness Bed, out into the world ethically and morally.


What is the QEWB and how does it work?

The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed is a titanium-lined wellness bed that uses heat, sound, and quantum energy to create a standing quantum field, allowing the body an opportunity to reach optimum wellness.

Who is the QEWB for?

The QEWB was made for anyone who wishes to maintain a general state of health and wellbeing.

What does the QEWB help with?

We’re only legally allowed to state something like “When combined with healthy lifestyle decisions, the QEWB can improve general wellness in relation to physical fitness, relaxation and stress management, sleep management, and more.” so for the real detailed answer go to Step 2 and check out the video testimonials and see what real people are using it for and what they’ve experienced.

Will the QEWB cure [disease]?

The QEWB promotes general wellness of the body and may be supportive of your personal metabolism and physiology. Specific studies have not been conducted in a way that would support any specific medical claims.
The QEWB and any associated health statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and they are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.
Again, head to Step 2 to check out video testimonials and see what real people are using it for and what they’ve experienced.

How much does the QEWB cost?

This depends on the options you choose. Head to Step 2 to get a price and explore financing options.

Who invented the QEWB?

The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed was created by Ralph Suddath, an American inventor and the CEO of Quantum Med Tech. Jason Estes is a co-inventor of the QEWB and the person who brought it to market.

Where is the QEWB made?

The beds are manufactured in Alabama by Quantum Med Tech.

Is the QEWB safe?

The QEWB uses safe, noninvasive, and low-risk modalities to facilitate the general improvement of human health. Users are encouraged to immediately discontinue use if they experience any discomfort while using the QEWB.

How can I try it?

When you enter your email to head to Step 2 you can get in touch with us over email or over the phone and we can help you
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